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RRB Constructions is a home improvement service provider based in Plainfield, NJ, that offers a wide range of professional home improvement and renovation services to homeowners and commercial property owners in the area. Our experienced home improvement specialists are always ready to take on any big or small home improvement and maintenance projects for clients across the region. So, don’t wait any further, and do make an appointment for our quality and affordable home improvement services today!

Services We Offer

Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Nothing will look more beautiful than adding a fresh coat of high-quality paint to the interior and exterior surfaces of your structure. Get in touch with our pros if you have an upcoming interior and exterior painting project. We’re here to change the entire appearance of your indoor living space which will surely make your neighbors envious and will certainly increase the property value a bit more.

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

If your kitchen and bathroom floors need to be replaced immediately, then hire our experts for this task. They will not only help you choose the ideal flooring for your kitchen and bathroom area but also install it most accurately and carefully as possible. In addition to replacing old floors and installing new ones, you can also hire us to repair the damage sustained by your flooring at a very affordable cost.



If you’re looking for experts to correctly install drywall on your walls and ceilings, whether in your home or office, then get in touch with us now! We are proficient in handling all types of drywall installation projects and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results. Also, if your drywall has a minor dent or a major crack on the surface, then hire our professionals immediately and have it repaired.

Doors and Windows


Having old and sticky doors and windows in your home will not only be the most annoying thing you deal with but will also reduce the property value on a significant level. To avoid that, hire our experts to have the old doors and windows completely replaced with new and energy-efficient ones. Additionally, we can also repair them if they are damaged in any way.



Surrounding your property with long-lasting and sturdy fences will certainly help you maintain your privacy while not allowing trespassers and wild animals to get through. Call us if you want brand-new fences installed across your yard. We’ll also help you choose the right type of fence based on your preference. Aside from installing fences, we can also come in handy if your existing fences need minor to major repairs.

Countertops and Cabinets


Our modern home renovation service will involve us upgrading your old kitchen and adding some stunning features, including brand-new kitchen countertops and fully fabricated cabinets. We’ll custom-build the cabinet for you and repair them if they’re cracked, dented, or significantly damaged. Your kitchen would look more spectacular and welcoming after we had done our job.

Deck Cleaning and Painting

Deck Cleaning

Do you want to enjoy the view of your outdoors while standing on a cleaners and well-painted deck with your loved ones? We’re here to turn your dreams into reality! Our deck cleaning and painting services are tailored to meet the requirements of those homeowners who want to take the curb appeal of their homes to the next level. We’ll thoroughly clean the decks of your house and paint it with the ideal colors that will complement your tastes and lifestyle.

The Benefits

By hiring our quality home improvement services, you’ll not only eliminate the tiresome process of going to the store and buying the right materials and equipment to get any home improvement work done around your property. Also, you will no longer find the need to learn how to do several home maintenance tasks by yourself, like installing the drywall, painting decks, and installing your fences.

How We Work

Our process starts with you making a phone call to RRB Constructions and scheduling the service you require at the moment. You’ll be prompted to set up a date and time that works for you. Once you’ve gone through the entire appointment-making process, we’ll meet with you at your location on time, make all the preparations needed for the project, and get started right away!

Other Areas Served

We serve our valued customers who reside in the following locations:

– Dunellen Borough, NJ
– Piscataway Township, NJ
– Metuchen Borough, NJ
– Middlesex Borough, NJ
– Westfield Town, NJ

RRB Constructions offers kitchen and bathroom renovation services, and a variety of other home improvement services, to clients located in and around Plainfield, NJ.

Home Improvement Service
Home Improvement Service
Home Improvement Service

Client Testimonials

by Joshua D. on RRB Constructions
Amazing Work!

I am totally happy the quality home improvement work the professionals did for me. They painted my home's interior and also cleaned and painted the deck. I would hire them again!

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